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Swaziland > Activities > Visit King Sobhuza II Memorial Park and National Museum

Visit King Sobhuza Ii Memorial Park And National Museum

Visit King Sobhuza II Memorial Park and National Museum
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This National museum is an amazing cultural experience. This magical time capsule of history is located in the Royal Area next to the Houses of Parliament, just off the Mbabane Manzini highway in Lobamba. The museum is named after the beloved King Sobhuza who led Swaziland to their long awaited independence in 1968. Showing the origins of the Swazi culture, an introduction to their history, routines and traditional wear, it truly is an experience you will never forget.

One of the most interesting points in the Memorial Park is the traditional dress section. The dress for men in the Swazi culture consists of “emahiya” the lion cloth while the women are usually dressed in a lion apron and a cloak with a skirt made of animal skin. While the intriguing dress of the Swazi people is definitely something to look forward to you will also be engrossed in the old photographs that the museum holds. Depicting detailed descriptions of the Swazi history, it will be hard to pull yourself away from this cultural heritage.

The museum also captures the link that Swaziland has with nature and the love it has for nature, the beautiful mountains, countless rolling hills and green pastures are all depicted in the natural history hall. The Memorial Park rolls Swaziland’s culture and heritage into a digestible ball that can easily be taken in and you will be extremely happy to have done so.

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