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Swaziland > Activities > Stay in a traditional Swazi Beehive House

Stay In A Traditional Swazi Beehive House

Stay in a traditional Swazi Beehive House
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Visit traditional Swazi villages with authentic beehive huts and cultural displays and live in their homes the way they do to feel like royalty. The predominant home style is the Nguni Beehive hut, named for its shape but it could also represent the hard-working culture of the Swazi tribes.

Consisting of a rounded frame made of poles covered with thatch bound with plaited ropes, these huts are inhabited by locals and tourists. Sotho huts have pointed, detachable roofs on walls of mud and wattle and are found throughout the country and they have window frames and full doorways are they are the more modern type of home. Both types of huts can be found within a single homestead, which may also include European architectural styles as the traditional construction style undergoes some changes with urbanization and lifestyle.

The traditional homestead follows the central cattle pattern where the centre of the homestead is an unroofed, fenced cattle pen, called the sibaya. Women are barred from this area and there have been human rights investigations into this tradition where women are controlled. Residential huts are grouped around the western side and occupied by traditional wives. The "great hut," indlunkulu is used as the family shrine, dedicated to the senior patrilineal ancestors. Stay in a beehive hut and witness the game, Swazi dancers or magestic scenery to have a true Swazi experience.

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